Work-life Balance: 5 Reasons Why Work-life Balance Is Important

Work-life Balance: 5 Reasons Why Work-life Balance Is Important

    Work-life Balance: 5 Reasons Why Work-life Balance Is Important 

    Why Work-life Balance Is Important

    why work-life balance is important? If you want to understand why work-life balance is important, then you must understand what is work-life balance really is, subsequently, you will know why is important to achieve a better work-life balance.

    In today's fast and crowded world, work-life balance can be an impossible mission for any worker and entrepreneur. technology makes workers busy around the clock. some can answer the phone and emails at any time. and some think of their kids and personal problems from their work office. and others focus just on getting a promotion or reaching some of the set business goals.
    This is why you must understand what is work-life balance?

    Work-life balance Definition and Importance

    Work-life balance is the equality between work and your other life roles. It is the state of equilibrium in which demands of professional life, family life, and personal life are equal.

    the term "work-life balance" has gotten popular in the recent years. but you should know that "work-life balance" has evolved across three-generation, baby boomers, Gen X, and millennials.

    Baby Boomer's And Neglecting Work-life Balance 

    1945-1960 because they were born around the time of the Second World War, this generation was lived a hard life. making work-life balance was not a priority. while Baby Boomers sought job opportunities and stayed at companies for longer periods of time. Because of this, the work-life balance wasn't important then.

    Gen X And Importance Of Work-life Balance   

    When Baby boomers had sought job opportunities and had stayed at companies for longer periods of time with a poor work-life balance, Gen Xers (Born around  1961-1980) decided to spend more time with their family. and gave more priority to work-life balance by telecommuting and maternity/paternity time.

    Millennials And Priority Of Work-life Balance 

    Millennials generation (Born around 1981-2000) considered that "work ethic" is just a part of life while they care about work-life balance as a priority. wherefore, many employers adding game rooms, ping pong tables, free coffee and other things to spruce up the work environment.
    However, most millennials don't care about these perks. while they want to find a career path that will support their lifestyle. 

    All workers want to live a balanced life at home and also at work (work-life balance), without sacrificing other aspects, such as children, partners, health, hobbies, and other interests, Ect. and companies, in turn, seek to meet these expectations by offering a variety of family-friendly policies.

    Why Work-life Balance Is Important

    Work-life balance is an important aspect for every worker. Maintaining work-life balance helps reduce stress, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism. the good news is that the benefits of work-life balance are not confined to just the workforce. it can also help the employers and companies by:

    • increased engagement
    • Improved morale
    • Reduce recruitment Costs 
    • Strong brand reputation
    • Better staff retention 
    So when employers help their employees to achieve work-life balance, they can save money and retain their employees, it's really great.
    I think you have took a general view of work-life balance.

     Why Work-life Balance Is Important

    why it is important to maintain a work-life balance?

     I will give you 5 reasons why it is important to maintain work-life balance?

    1 work-life balance is important to maintain your mental health

    It is unfortunate that employers do not pay enough importance to mental health. but that's the reality.
    Studies show that imbalanced work-life can lead to stress and burnout. this occurs by a variety of things. for example, when immense pressure is put onto an employee. and this leads to feeling dissatisfaction with your work.
    If you are not satisfied with your hard work, then this is the time to think about finding work-life balance.

    2 Work-life balance ensure your physical health and happiness

    Is logical that if we neglect feeding, fitness and when we are overworked, our health will suffer. In a study conducted by UCL for 10000 employees who worked three hours and more than required had a 60% higher risk of various health problems.
    Do you play sport? Do you eat healthy food?
    Exercises are the key to work-life balance. you can lessen some of the stress. Less stress makes you feeling more enjoyable at your office and ensure your physical health.
    And, as the adage says: Healthy body, healthy mind. work-life balance is important for your health.

    3 Work-life balance is important to increase your productivity

    Work-life balance has many positives effects on your productivity. 
    Having a healthy work-life balance isn't just important to ensure your physical health and happiness. but more than that. it also important to increase your productivity.
    When you maintain a healthy work-life balance you will notice that you are more productive in your work.

    4 work-life balance is important to become more social

    Another important thing, when you make work-life balance a priority, you will become more sociable. How?
    when you create a work-life balance you will find more time for your hobbies and interests to enjoy yourself with your family, friends, and also you will meet new friends.
    there are many hobbies to choose from that allow you to spend time and enjoy with them.

    5 You only get one life 

    As Andy Bernard say " I wish there was a way to know you are in the good old days before you have actually left them"
    Once you have achieved a work-life balance, you will be able to live your life to the fullest.


    Remember that work-life balance is more important than I saying. When you will achieve it in your life, you will understand what's work-life balance really is?
    As I mentioned above, "you only get one life", So don't neglect it, It's Okay to work hard, but don't forget that you are not a robot. take a pen and paper and start writing and planing to get your work-life balance in 2020.
    If you find that is difficult to achieve work-life balance because your job isn't flexible. you can be seeking another job.

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