11 Work-life balance tips to be a successful working woman in 2020

11 Work-life balance tips to be a successful working woman in 2020

    11 Work-life balance tips to be a successful working woman in 2020

    work-life balance woman

    To achieve work-life balance in this today's busy world become more difficult than before, it's a really more difficult challenge for women, compared to men, because of women's lock for balance between work and life home activity and their own lives.

    Kitchen, child care, shopping, and many other activities make work-life balance more difficult for them, it's very difficult to give equal time at work and family, but is not impossible.

    Although work-life balance for women is more difficult, there are working moms, living a happy life with a better work-life balance, and they give equal time for all things in their lives, so it's the time to change your life, and living healthy work-life balance as a working woman.

    If you want to be a successful working woman in 2020, take these tips

    11 work-life balance tips for woman 

    work-life balance tips for woman

    1. Set out your priorities right

    You want to be a successful working woman in your life, set out your professional and personal priorities, you have some things that very important, ask yourself a few questions, What is something that can't be abandoned in your daily program? if you find it difficult, ask yourself,  
    what is the thing I do that have wasted my time last week?
    you will find some activities that wasted your time.
    create a list of your priorities will help you to start a better work-life balance as a woman.

    2. Talk to your employers about your priorities

    Tell your manager or HR that you have priorities that can take some time before work time, for example, you have to drop your kid at school.
    Keeping the communication line open with your manager really helpful idea to achieve a better work-life balance.

    3. Learn to say "No" and seek help

    Say no to anything that is not essential to your work, will help you to achieve work-life balance, you can not accept all social engagements, you can't do all things on your own, if not, you will prepare to breakdown yourself in future, there are some things that you must do yourself, you can seek help from your friends, family, wife..

    4. Eliminate time-wasters to achieve work-life balance

    work-life balance woman

    For a working woman, time is golden, every minute is crucial at your workplace or home, if you know that nearly three hours per day wasters for nothing you would be astonished, casual internet surfing, watching TV, and others things can waste your time, you need every minute on your day, three hours can make your work-life balance more easy if you eliminate time-wasters.

    5. Draw a line between your work and home

    Leave your work at work, don't come home with it, it's very important to understand that when you return home you must stop thinking about your work, you have a family, kids, and wife, it's the time to strengthen your relationship with your kids and partner, not to sending emails or discussing work with your manager or coworkers, when you understand this, you can start your work-life balance as other women's and moms.

    6. Make some time for yourself 

    Don't forget yourself, take some time for yourself to doing anything that you enjoy to create a balance in your life.
    If you notice that you are so busy with your work, home activity, you must take some time for yourself, you are not a robot, save certain weeknight for you, join a singing group, book group, practice sport, yoga, let your mind wander and expand, this would simplify your life and make you more productive at work, time "for yourself" can make you a better person both inside and out.

    7. You work to live not live to work

    Remember that you work to live not live to work, it's the most important thing for work-life balance, you work to afford life, you work to afford everything you need, drink coffee with your friends, to travel, your job lets you living at the big city, if you think that your job is the only reason for your life, you will lose yourself.

    work-life balancewoman

    8. Seek jobs with flexible schedules

    You need time for your family, kids, yourself
     If you find that your job isn't giving you the opportunity for living with your family, seek another job with a flexible schedule can help you to get a better work-life balance 

    9. Go on vacation

    Research shows that people they took more vacation were likely to receive bonuses and promotions at their jobs compared than they did not. if you have a vacation you must stop overworking yourself and enjoy this will help you to be happy at your work and home.

    10. Draw a line between you and technology

    Research shows always that technology impacts our physical and mental welfare, it's okay to use your smartphone at a certain time. but try to build better habits to use it 

    11. Connect with others working women

    You are not the alone, there are many working women like you, get new friends who also working moms, seek it in group Facebook, Twitter, and connect with them.
    They probably have good work-life balance tips.

    Though work-life balance is difficult for women, is very important for your life, you can achieve it in 2020, tips that we mentioned earlier can help you if you have a flexible job.

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